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Complete Streaming Media Solutions: Plans

Streaming Media Plans - We offer a wide variety of plans, each to meet your Christian streaming media need(s). The chart below demonstrates the various plans we offer and the details of each plan.

Benefits Basic Intermediate Advanced Expert
Monthly Cost $100 $250 $600 $1500
Live Streaming X X X X
Video On Demand   X X X
Audio On Demand     X X
Podcast/RSS       X
Mobile Compliant X X X X
Home Page X X X X
Media Page X X X X
Maps X X X X
Service Times X X X X
Paypal Donate X X X X
Group Calendar   X X X
Ministries     X X
Staff       X
Hosting X X X X
Group E-mail     X X
Event Registration       X
Social Media Plug- ins     FB Only X


» Live Streaming, Home Page, Media Page, Maps, and Service Times are all on One Page for the Basic Plan

» Starting with the Intermediate Plan, ALL pages are separated

» Hosting/Domain Registration is Through, we are listed as Technical Contact, Cost of Hosting/Domain Registration is included for 1st Year, Each additional Year Billed separately

» All Streaming is Done through Wowza Media Server and Front End is powered by JW Player

» Basic Package includes ability to Stream Live Thru Mobile Device via Wowza GoCoder, must be connected via Wireless Network to the Internet to Use Effectively

» Upcoming Editions will Include: Live DVR, Captions, Advertising Plug-in

For more information on our streaming services, please call us at 209-878-7326 or e-mail us at

We look forward to assisting you in meeting all your streaming media needs.