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Live Mobile Church Streaming

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If your parishioners find themselves unable to attend a church service for whatever reason, they can always watch it live via the internet on their computer, tablet or mobile device (SmartPhone).

Our live mobile church services offer that exact solution; bringing the church to the people via internet streaming technologies.

We provide you with all the necessary hardware and software to get you up and running in no time. All you need is an internet connection in the place where you will host your live mobile stream, a camera to capture the live footage, a computer monitor and our computer system setup for exactly this kind of broadcasting. Remotely we take care of the rest to ensure a smooth streaming experience for all interested viewers.

For pricing and more information on our live mobile church streaming please visit or call us at 1-209-U-STREAM (1-209-878-7326) or email now.

We look forward to meeting your live broadcasting needs.

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