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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you advertise on your website?

A: Only to those sponsors that we are affiliated with, in order to conduct business. We do however feature certain organizations on our front page from time to time.

2. Do you Host media on your website too for broadcasting, whether it be Mp3 or some sort of Streaming Media that I already encoded into digital format?

A: Yes we do! In fact, you get 25% discount off our retail rates for placing your media in digital format!

What do all these different media terms mean? Streaming Media, Christian iTunes Podcasting, Windows Media Format, QuickTime Format, Compression, Bitrate, etc.?

A: These are all terms relating to streaming media content. We have created a glossary of terms which explains most of these items in more detail.

What are the prices for your streaming media services?

Live Christian Streaming Price Guide

Christian Video Encoding and Hosting Price Guide

Christian iTunes Podcasting Price Guide

Transcoding Services for Christian Media

MP3 Streaming Hosting Price Guide

Video Editing Services Price Guide

Live Encoder Rental Price Guide

Additional Christian Streaming Services Price Guide

Christian Streaming Media Discounts and Savings Offers

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